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Bridal and Wedding Flowers in Northampton, PA

Flowers have played a glorious part in the wedding ritual for centuries. Both aesthetically and symbolically, they are a beautiful reminder to us all that dreams really do come true. For custom wedding flowers check out our Custom Wedding Creations. Also, see us on Wed Plan Simplified.

Beautiful and Unique Wedding Flowers

Make your special day even more memorable with beautiful and unique flower arrangements from Bob’s Flower Shop. We provide bridal and wedding flowers in Northampton, PA, to add an extra layer of beauty to your wedding day. Our professional florists will work with you and your wedding planner to determine the arrangements for your ceremony and reception. We will help you choose colors that will compliment your bridal party while also providing beautiful decorations to transform your ceremony space.

Additionally, our team will help you choose the flowers for your bouquet as well as the corsages and boutineers for your bridal party. This way the bridesmaids and groomsmen will match and not clash with the look that you are trying to achieve.

Decorations for the Reception

In addition to beautiful flowers for your ceremony, you will also want unique arrangements to decorate your reception. This helps to carry the same color and themes from your ceremony over into your reception. At Bob’s Flower Shop, we provide beautiful and unique custom floral centerpieces and decorations to add to your reception. Our team will work to match these arrangements to the ones used in your ceremony so that your theme and color choices are the same throughout your special day.  

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